Pirate Crib Bedding- Treasure Sleep With Pirate Crib Bedding

You’re expecting your bundle of joy any day now and you still haven’t decided on a theme for his room. No one can blame you, choosing the perfect paint color, décor and crib bedding can be very difficult for new or even subsequent parents. This can be especially difficult if your little one will be bunking with an older sibling, parents around the world all identify with this dilemma.

While many people choose the obvious unisex themes like Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street, if you’re strictly focusing on a bouncing baby boy, there are plenty of options left. The Treasure Cove Pirate crib bedding set by JoJo Designs is one of these options. The pirates featured in this cute crib set aren’t scary or mean at all, in fact it’s a little bit vintage, too.

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Designing your pirate theme is simple, you can paint the room in all-around beige with accents in navy blue, black or red to compliment this bedding set. This 9-piece set comes with everything a baby needs and some things a parent might be thankful for. With a comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, crib skirt, two window valances, diaper stacker, toy bag, and a throw pillow, there’s no real need to go out and buy anything more for your little man’s crib. In fact, with all these goodies included, you can spread the love (and the theme) around the room as you please.

Shop Pirate Crib Bedding

You can use the comforter as a wall hanging until baby is big enough to use it. Hook the diaper stacker to baby’s changing table and all his diapers will be right there when they’re needed most. Use the throw pillow in the rocker glider for extra comfort for those long nights.

The pirate style isn’t limited in this set, either. Find all the accessories baby could ever want like the pirate lamp shade, mobile or changing pad cover. All the necessities start with this one crib set and with a little resourcefulness, it can go a long way. The best part about this set – it can grow with your child. This set isn’t specifically for infants like some of the other baby crib bedding sets out there. Keep the accessories and continue the pirate theme as he grows, adding a treasure chest toy box as he grows, with a little creativity and the Treasure Cove Pirate crib bedding anything is possible.

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Top 5 Bad Habits Linked to Weight Gain and How to Break Them

Weight gain always sneaks up on you while you’re not looking. Over the holidays, for example, you do your best to avoid those rich desserts and you keep your snacking to a minimum. But then, wow – a week later you’ve gained 7 lbs for no apparent reason. The same can happen if you’re really busy and stressed out with work. Your attention wanders away from your diet, and suddenly you can’t button up your jeans.

Something most of us can do really well without any effort is to gain weight. And most of us end up puzzled as to why we gained that extra 7 pounds. The reason is usually fairly clear when you take a long hard look at your eating habits. Without realizing it you’ve probably adopted more than a few bad habits that are sabotaging your diet. So here are the top 5 bad habits linked to weight gain and how to break them:

1. Mindless eating

Have you ever sat in front of your computer or TV with a bag of munchies? You eat the first one and it tastes so-o good! But as you continue eating, your attention is focused on the TV or computer screen. You are eating automatically. Before you realize it, you have eaten almost the whole bag. You feel full, bloated and unhappy because you didn’t mean to eat so much.

The same situation can happen while you’re driving, socializing, or talking on the phone. It’s called mindless eating, which is the opposite of mindful eating – in other words, paying attention to what you eat and how much you eat. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid falling into the mindless eating trap:

Remember what you eat! A large study was recently conducted on this very topic. The results have determined that if you remember and are aware of what you have previously eaten, you will actually eat less! In other words, paying more attention to what you are eating can result in lower food consumption.

Eat without distractions! Studies have found that with distractions you will not only eat more at the immediate meal, but you will continue to eat more than you should later on in the day! Distractions include such things as watching television, listening to music, or reading while you eat. Eating should always be the focus, never the peripheral activity.

Write down what you have eaten and keep your used food wrappers. Try keeping an ongoing list of what you ate, what time you ate it, and even the number of calories eaten. Then you may for example, be able to see that you may be eating more weight contributing food than you thought therefore start to consciously control what you eat, when and how often you eat.

Mindful eating means paying full attention to the experience of eating. As you eat, keep your eyes on your food, and be aware of the smell, flavor, texture, color and temperature.

Top 5 Bad Habits Linked To Weight Gain And How To Break Them

2. Mindless drinking

We’re not just talking alcoholic drinks here, but also soft drinks and hot drinks too. You may not be aware of the calorie content of the drinks you consume on a daily basis. If you’re a coffee drinker, are you drinking it with milk, cream or sugar? If so, you’re adding loads more calories. And if you like to sip away on an innocent-looking glass of juice, soda pop or iced tea, you may be shocked to discover how much sugar it contains.

Alcohol not only adds calories, but it has been shown to contribute to weight gain by slowing down your metabolism. Your body can’t store alcohol, so it becomes a priority and metabolizes immediately, meaning that other fats and sugars aren’t metabolized as efficiently.

Some suggestions:

Drink lots of water, which your body needs to stay hydrated. Drink a glass before every meal to help fill you up and you’ll eat less. Add citrus fruit, herbs, or cucumber to flavor your water if you don’t like it plain.

Green tea has a great reputation as a weight-loss aid. Although any kind of tea is helpful, especially if you drink it plain.

Avoid fruit juices, but do go for vegetable juices, which are low in calories and good for you too.

3. Cleaning your plate

Were you taught as a child to finish everything on your plate? This may have become one of your worst bad habits linked to weight gain. If you have children, you may even be in the habit of finishing off their leftovers too! Your intentions are good because you don’t want the food to go to waste, but it would be much better to store the leftovers in the fridge rather than on your hips!

Learn to be aware of how hungry you really are. This may take some time if you’re not used to it. Be aware of your body’s needs and decide how full your stomach feels regardless of what’s on your plate.

4. Portion distortion

Portions nowadays are huge compared to what they used to be, as are dinner plates. So if you’re loading up your plate at every meal, chances are you’re eating far more than you need.

Learn what a real portion size looks like, by using a scale or a measuring cup.

Eat from a smaller plate. This way you’re tricking yourself into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are.

Fill two-thirds of your plate with vegetables or salad before adding anything else.

These tips will help you eat much smaller portions, and you will be surprised to discover that you feel satisfied eating smaller amounts, especially if you eat slower than usual.

Top 5 Bad Habits Linked To Weight Gain And How To Break Them

5. Avoiding Veggies

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If salads and vegetables don’t account for at least 30% of your daily intake, you’re probably filling up on the types of food which lead to weight gain. The fiber in veggies will help fill you up, and they are naturally low in calories. They will also help protect you against disease, including certain types of cancers, and reduce your risk of heart disease too.

If you’re not a veggie lover and never have been, here’s how to get started:

Begin to slowly add vegetables into your diet. You could start by having some just at lunch, for example

Aim to have them at the beginning of your meal to help fill you up

When eating out especially, be aware that salads can be a danger zone if they’re smothered in cheese, bacon, croutons or creamy salad dressings.

So don’t allow weight gain to sneak up on you again. Be more aware of what you’re eating and drinking every day, shake off those bad habits and keep track!

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Bed In A Bag

It used to be an unusual trend in bedding, but now the concept behind the bed in a bag is considered sheer brilliance. Making http://www.illuporistorante.com/ for anyone to properly match their bedding from top to bottom, these bed in a bag sets make decorating a breeze, even for the decorating challenged.

Whether it’s a discount bed in a bag, a luxury bed in a bag or even cheap bed in bags options, the advantages of these purchases can be amazing. First off, there’s no need to hunt for matching sheets, pillowcases and even comforters when a full bed in a bag set is chosen. Some bed in bag options even have matching accessories, such as window treatments, shams and dust ruffles to carry a look throughout an entire room. The comforter bed in bag sets make it easy to ensure the entire look is matching from the top of the bed to the bottom and beyond.

While the biggest benefit of these bedding buys is simply the ease they present, the second on the list of reasons to consider them is the fact most bed in bag sets tend to be cheaper to purchase by the set rather than the individual piece. This means there’s money savings involved no matter the design choice generally.

When it comes to design options for bed in bag sets, the choices are pretty amazing. It’s possible to find a blue bed in a bag, an animal print bed in a bag, a wolf bed in a bag and even a horse bed in a bag. Name a color or design combination, and it’s likely there’s a bed in a bag to match. From designs just right for children’s rooms to more sophisticated creations for adults, there’s a bed in a bag to meet the need.

The quality level of bed in bag sets will vary depending on the investment made and the manufacturer. Many consumers consider Dan Rivers bed in bag sets to be among the tops, but there are plenty of other manufacturers out there, too. As long as the bed in a bag sets are comfortable, affordable and made with quality in mind, they’re ideal.

Whether it’s a twin set, a queen or a king size bed in a bag needed, the variety of styles makes it easy for almost anyone to find one that’s just perfect. From bed in a bag comforter sets to those designed to have add on choices to decorate an entire room, bed in a bag might sound like a fad, but it’s actually a stroke of genius.

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Tips To Get Motivated to Get In Shape

Whenever you are on your weight loss journey, it takes time along with a lot of hard work. You want to keep going but it becomes boring and dull. Beginning to lose expectations because you will find no outcomes, you quit. http://www.newphen24.com/ quit wasn’t simply because it sucked but because you didn’t have any motivation left to go via your weight loss phase. You may have been eating the wrong foods or working out the wrong way but the only reason you truly stopped was because your lack of motivation.

So what would get you to be more motivated?

Something like a trainer or a program will probably be great for you. When working with a trainer, you will be getting the attention you need. They will push you through series of workouts harder than you have ever carried out before. Which will eventually make you lose much more weight than you already carried out. Also know that they’ll be able to give you ideas on what kind of foods you should eat. Trainers are efficient but would cost a lot of money.

So what would be inexpensive?

An online weight loss program is more of a monthly payment. You do not need to pay the program hourly or anything like that. It might be just a little harder to get motivation from it because it isn’t face to face. But of course there will be videos that will help. They also offer diet plans of your choice and also workout regimens. The thing that highlights online workout programs is the cost.

Now that you know where you are able to find motivation. Get just a little energy that’s left inside your body and go your either or. With motivation you will have the ability to get through your objective. You’ll have the ability to reach it but remember, everything takes patience.

Do you want to lose belly fat? Read more about the best ways to lose stomach fat fast…

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Fitness health: Dedication for 6 pack abs!

There are many methods to obtain the right fitness health and tightened abs like six pack workouts, diet plans and dedication. You can call it as a 6 pack, ripped, or washboard abs. Whatever it may be, it is hard to obtain. Hard in the sense, you need interest and dedication to get the fitness health and hardened abs. Many have spent years to get the amazing abs and here I will help you both men and women to loosen your belly fat and to get tightened and toned midsection.

There are many negative fitness and health effects of having big fat belly as the increased weight may lead to back pain and so on. So toned muscles gives you strong core and hence 10% body fat for men and 16% to 18% body fat for women are recommended.

To get a fitness health and flat abs, it is not advised to concentrate only on the abs. You have to do full body workouts along with the abs strengthening exercises and by the way you can keep the fat % of your body under control. The key factor is, staying active and proper nutrition with regular exercises.

Abs and Full body workout

The cardio exercises are good, but simply the cardio exercises alone are not enough or not necessary for losing your body fat. You need to go for resistance training and full body workouts. With http://www.sportzfuel.com/ of resistance/full body training, you can get more of a cardio workouts than any boring cardio workouts like treadmill or with any other machines.

Some of the basic fitness and health exercises that you can do along with the weight training exercises are squats, lunges, dumbbell exercises and row exercises.

Some of the complicated exercises includes stability ball exercises, planks, side planks, renegade dumbbell row, front squats with weight etc will help you to engage the entire core area and will help you to stabilize your whole body.


Nutrition is one of the key factor and you need to have right kind of nutrition while moving towards a 6 pack abs. Any kind of unhealthy foods will increase your body fat and will lead to move away from 6 pack and you won’t get that ever.

So follow the right kind of foods to tone your abs,

Eat raw foods or at least consume foods that are as close to their natural state

Consume foods with high nutrients

Consume food with high fiber to keep your appetite in control and to maintain balanced sugar level

Fruits and vegetables can be consumed to get carbohydrates rather than consuming grains

You can naturally burn the fats by consuming Omega3 daily. This Omega3 fatty acid will help by stimulating the metabolism rate and the body’s natural fat burning capabilities. Some of the right and best sources of Omega3 are sardines and anchovies.

Consume only healthy amount of fat and that too from olive oil, fish oil, nuts, seeds, etc.

Thus if you are consuming healthy food, then you will not carve for junk foods as your body is satisfied with all required nutrients from the above mentioned foods with fitness and health. So by eating natural food, you will get the right kind of calories and you don’t want to count the calories required for a day.

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Finest Selfie Apps for 20 17

Listed below will be the best Selfie apps for 2017. You are able to use these apps to choose better looking selfies, edit your own selfies to get rid of unwanted objects and make your self look better, plus add some amazing effects to your photos. Whether you’re looking for more enjoys, or just attempting to get the ideal profile photo you are able to add to Insta-gram and Facebook, these will be the selfie applications you want to install on i-phone or Android.

Selfies are still an significant part our culture. Whether you like them or despise them, then you’re likely going to see lots of them of course when you should be here, you’re carrying your own selfies. Your social websites presence portrays one to friends, prospective dates, as well as companies. Unless you spring up for a qualified head shot carrying a great selfie has got a significant impact in your own life.

A large selfie can provide a confidence boost so that because you shoot images of yourself you are listening and looking to yourself according to PsychCentral. There’s even a curative reason to hospital selfies.

The very best selfie apps help you look better, capture more enjoys and take much better images.

The four main reasons people take selfies are, “to get attention from the others, to communicate with family and friends, to record special moments in their own lives and also for entertainment — departure time when exhausted.” Most of these reasons require added consideration into the best way to require a selfie. Whether you’re trying to get more likes on Instagram or simply seeking the perfect solution to share a moment with friends and family, you should use the very best Selfie apps for iPhone and Android to take and share a greater photo. Here are the Most Effective Selfie apps you can use;

* Camera+

*Decision FaceTune

* Front Facing Flash

* Snap-Chat

*Decision Afterlight

* Front-back

*Decision YouCam

* Photo Director

*Decision Focalmark

*Decision Microsoft Selfie

*Decision Retrica

* Touch Retouch

Dive in to additional info on every one of these incredible Selfie apps so that you can do more with you alongside Selfie. Pick two or even three of these selfie apps to be a central part of your Selfie discovery which will allow you to take better looking selfies and receive you more likes on Facebook and Instagram.


Camera+ is also definitely an i-phone only application that helps you turn your selfies into fantastic photographs with the tap of a button. You can use Camera+ to choose a spoonful Selfie with the camera part of the app that lets you control many different options, or you can simply count upon it to edit your own photos for a updated appearance.

There is a darkening filter which will jazz up selfies which are too dark and also a Portrait filter which smooths your skin slightly and adds light to the background of the photo to get an impressive upgrade to some selfie.

Other tools permit one to fully edit your own photos and make changes so that you end up with the best-looking selfie you can. You’ll also find resizing choices, frames and selection of filters.

Best selfie apps :

FaceTune edits photos and portraits and materials. The idea is to create your selfies look more attractive by following wrinkles, pimples, uneven skin tones, etc..

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What Are the Benefits of Full Service Legal Firms?

When you hire a full service legal firm, it is possible to get legal advice and help on various matters without any issues. The lawyers that you hire should have commitment to deliver goods so that your interests will be protected. If you hire a big legal firm, there should be a local office so that the direct interaction is made easy. There are large firms which have offices worldwide so that businesses and legal issues of international nature can be addressed as per the satisfaction of clients.

The many benefits of hiring the services of legal firms

Versatile legal help

You are advised to choose the best law firms in Abu Dhabi so that your expectations will be fulfilled without fail. The lawyers who are hired from different parts of the world will work together as a team so that complex issues will be resolved without any difficulty. If you depend upon reliable, committed and trustworthy legal services, you will get solutions quickly and efficiently. The time, effort and money that you spend will be worthwhile and there will be highest level of satisfaction.

Most of the firms offer full service in various practice areas including civil, property, family, commercial, intellectual property, maritime, arbitration and criminal law. If you go through the mission and values of the law firm, you will not make any mistake in choosing the right firm. The feedback given by previous customers, the level of client engagement, transparency, result-oriented approach and proven legal skills will help you assess the possibility of hiring a law firm for your needs.

Choosing best firm is needed

When there are number of law firms, it is difficult to make a quick choice. You are advised to go through the profile of the legal firm so that the level of service and reputation can be understood. When a firm engages experienced and knowledgeable legal experts, complex legal challenges are handled efficiently and clients will get highest level of satisfaction and justice. The law firm should be result-oriented. Timely services and transparency in dealing with cases are very much important. You can choose a firm that upgrades the knowledge in law and business and adapts to change in a fast paced environment.

A full service legal firm will exceed your expectations as you will get right kind of help at right time. Real relationships are built with clients so that transparent and trustworthy services are delivered by fixing the issue with 100% dedication.

By a thorough and careful online search you can come across some reliable legal firms out three in your locality. You will definitely get real help by hiring the right professional legal services.

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Tips To Select Good And Reliable Car Hiring Services

When you are out for a small or long vacation, one of the best of ways to explore the new countryside or the city is by travelling in a car. This permits and allows you to have to freedom to travel to wherever you wish to go. Plus you will also not have to keep track of time and move around as per your guide. This definitely makes your travelling experience way too content and a pleasant one.

When you proceed for a car rental service you must ensure that you come across with the best bargaining. And you should try to hunt for a consistently reliable company so that you get across a good vehicle or your travelling requirements.

Tips for hiring a car at the right price

Go through these car hiring tips so that you get in hand the best car rental selection for your upcoming vacation:

Browse through the websites of car hiring companies – When you want to come across one of the best bargains during your vacation, make sure it must include a car hiring service as well. Take time and browse through websites and list of advertisements and pick out around 4 to 6 car hiring firms. Make sure that before you make your final selection, you minutely make a comparison between the offers they are providing you with and the cost factor in particular. If you are looking for a company that offers car rentals, visit this website.

Know about the charges clearly – Also make sure that you browse through the fine print minutely as many a times and ask for detail if need be as there are several car hiring companies that quote an amount along with hidden charges. This is why it is your duty to make sure that you know about all the charges way before time so that you do not have to come across horrible surprises later during your trip.

Contact with the customer service department of the companies – Do not only go through the website of the company, however make sure that you also call the customer service department and be confirmed about all the rates and details before you finally seal the deal and proceed to make the payment. When you do this, you will be able to collect more details about the services, cost, make and model of the vehicle. Plus you will also get informed about any prevailing discounts and special offers from the side of the company.

Through a single phone call you will be able to get all your doubts clarified. And the customer service provided will give you more detail and clue about the company too. In this way, you will simply your search.

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The Incredible 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Obesity is a growing crisis among everyone these days but it is particularly bad for children. A staggering amount of 300,000 people die every year due to obesity which is caused by eating habits and lack of physical activities. These days’ parents find it very hard to get their child to play sports and exercise, since video games have taken over. There is a simple solution to this problem. Turn to the 8 ft trampoline with enclosure and you will see the results straightaway.

The 8 ft trampoline with enclosure

It is almost impossible these days to make a child start jogging, walking, exercising or even playing sports. In such difficulty, the 8 ft trampoline with enclosure provides a very acceptable solution. Kids enjoy bouncing on trampolines; they can do it for hours without even realizing that they are exercising. For them it is just a game, but one that solves their weight issues. This trampoline is also popular with adults who fancy losing weights. All in all, it is the perfect solution for any family.


The 8 ft trampoline with enclosure is reasonably priced for $200. At first this may seem a touch expensive but after considering the help and assurance it brings, it is a small price to pay. A single video games as much as $60, and how many do you buy your kids each month, keeping that in mind, investing in this trampoline is a safe, healthy and long term option. Your kid will love it more than the video game.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions must be checked before using a trampoline. When you are to use the trampoline, check if the frame padding is positioned correctly, you should never jump from the trampoline to the floor. Also ensure that nothing harmful is placed near the trampoline. When installing it, read the user manual thoroughly.

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Show Mom You Care: Creative Gift Ideas

Moms are great, right? Who else would spend all the time and effort mending your clothes, cooking your meals, cleaning your boo-boos, helping you with your homework, and counseling you through those tough teenage years? Your mom is so special to you that shopping for her may seem like a very serious undertaking. After all, it’s hard to equate your great appreciation to such a practical gesture as a present. Fortunately, there are some great ways to show your mom how much you care about her, which will be sure to have her smiling from ear to ear. Here are some creative gift ideas for mom:

A scrapbook. You don’t have to have any artistic talent to pull this one off, but it will take a lot of thought. Compile some old photographs of you and mom and then write small blurbs about what each one means to you. Include special memories and humorous anecdotes that mom is sure to remember. Fill a scrapbook with these photos and write-ups and send your mom on a heartwarming trip down memory lane.

The royal treatment. Sure, you know your mom is queen of the home and family… but does she get the chance to feel like a queen very often? Chances are she is more concerned with caring for others than she is herself. Give your mom the royal treatment by treating her with a gift certificate to her favorite spa.

Turn the tables. How many times did your mom put a good, hot meal in front of you and watch you scarf it down before she could even make her own plate? Probably more times than you can count. Turn the tables by surprising your mom with a special meal – a meal that YOU cook. If you’re not sure of your cooking abilities, then find some recipes you know she’ll love and take them on a test run before you unveil your talents to your mom.

Keepsake jewelry. Moms love jewelry – especially pieces that come from the heart. You don’t have to break the bank here. Simply pick out a special trinket that signifies how much you love your mom.  Owl gifts, like charms and pendants are great jewelry ideas that mom can keep close to her at all times – especially if the owl or another animal has a significance.

You have no doubt that your mom is extra special. Show her how you feel by treating her to one of these extra special creative gift ideas.

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