Make A Green Smoothie For Breakfast

Most people love the occasional fruit smoothie because they are filling, sweet and made with fresh fruit. Most people do not know that you can turn a smoothie into a daily powerhouse of nutritional value by turning that smoothie into a green smoothie. Green smoothies, despite their green color, taste like just about any other fruit smoothie. The green color and the important added nutritional benefits, come from dark leafy green vegetables. If the smoothie is made correctly the green vegetables do not overwhelm the flavor of the smoothie.

Raw green vegetables can sometimes be very hard to stomach and many people just decide to leave them out of their diet all together for this reason. If you are not eating leafy green vegetables as part of your diet you are missing out on many essential nutrients such as plant proteins and antioxidants. The benefits of these sometimes not so tasty vegetables are well worth trying to find a way to add them into your daily diet. A green sweet fruit and vegetable smoothie is an easy to to achieve just that.

A smoothie is something that is very easy for anyone with a blender or low speed juicer to prepare. That means that adding those essential nutrients found in leafy green vegetables to your diet is also very easy. It is as easy as making a Green Smoothie For Breakfast. Some of the more nutritious green vegetables that you can add to a fruit smoothie are kale, collard greens, chard or wheat grass.

If you are worried about the taste of the vegetables try making a normal smoothie recipe and taste it before adding all those healthy green vegetables. Then compare the flavor once the added nutrients have been added. You may be surprised of the flavor, and that your new favorite snack is very healthy and nutritious.