Fitness health: Dedication for 6 pack abs!

There are many methods to obtain the right fitness health and tightened abs like six pack workouts, diet plans and dedication. You can call it as a 6 pack, ripped, or washboard abs. Whatever it may be, it is hard to obtain. Hard in the sense, you need interest and dedication to get the fitness health and hardened abs. Many have spent years to get the amazing abs and here I will help you both men and women to loosen your belly fat and to get tightened and toned midsection.

There are many negative fitness and health effects of having big fat belly as the increased weight may lead to back pain and so on. So toned muscles gives you strong core and hence 10% body fat for men and 16% to 18% body fat for women are recommended.

To get a fitness health and flat abs, it is not advised to concentrate only on the abs. You have to do full body workouts along with the abs strengthening exercises and by the way you can keep the fat % of your body under control. The key factor is, staying active and proper nutrition with regular exercises.

Abs and Full body workout

The cardio exercises are good, but simply the cardio exercises alone are not enough or not necessary for losing your body fat. You need to go for resistance training and full body workouts. With of resistance/full body training, you can get more of a cardio workouts than any boring cardio workouts like treadmill or with any other machines.

Some of the basic fitness and health exercises that you can do along with the weight training exercises are squats, lunges, dumbbell exercises and row exercises.

Some of the complicated exercises includes stability ball exercises, planks, side planks, renegade dumbbell row, front squats with weight etc will help you to engage the entire core area and will help you to stabilize your whole body.


Nutrition is one of the key factor and you need to have right kind of nutrition while moving towards a 6 pack abs. Any kind of unhealthy foods will increase your body fat and will lead to move away from 6 pack and you won’t get that ever.

So follow the right kind of foods to tone your abs,

Eat raw foods or at least consume foods that are as close to their natural state

Consume foods with high nutrients

Consume food with high fiber to keep your appetite in control and to maintain balanced sugar level

Fruits and vegetables can be consumed to get carbohydrates rather than consuming grains

You can naturally burn the fats by consuming Omega3 daily. This Omega3 fatty acid will help by stimulating the metabolism rate and the body’s natural fat burning capabilities. Some of the right and best sources of Omega3 are sardines and anchovies.

Consume only healthy amount of fat and that too from olive oil, fish oil, nuts, seeds, etc.

Thus if you are consuming healthy food, then you will not carve for junk foods as your body is satisfied with all required nutrients from the above mentioned foods with fitness and health. So by eating natural food, you will get the right kind of calories and you don’t want to count the calories required for a day.