Founded on the heels of the “inauguration” of First Lady Michelle Obama in 2009, the Michelle O Brunch (MOB) Group is a space for Black women (25-44) to build and leverage relationships, showcase thought leadership and accelerate community. Our first term focused on leadership: at brunches and other events in NYC, NJ and PA, we connected ambitious women and workshopped leadership development. What became clear is that leadership doesn’t develop in isolation; beside every great woman is a great team.

Michelle Obama’s model of effective community building is replicable.

Our second term is a quest to optimize a model of community engagement that is uniquely suited to the needs of busy, ambitious women.

MOB exists to challenge the narrative of female discord.


As a network we have a two-fold mission: 1. To empower a community of ambitious and connected Black women to scale their reach, visibility and impact. 2. To create a path for government, business and community organizations to leverage a powerful consumer audience for intellectual capital and resources.


MOB is a social experience with a “radical” perspective. We say: Black women do, in fact, like one another. Women can get along, and women’s relationships are important.

Competition is manufactured, and collaboration is in!

At MOB, Black women and allies can be reminded of their brilliance, and interconnectedness. We leverage our community for personal and professional growth. We believe that when a Black woman harnesses the power of community, she tells the most honest story of who we are.


The Michelle O Brunch (MOB) Group powers connections among emerging and mid-career (25-44) Black women. We create these opportunities through the Signature Brunch series; an Innovation Accelerator program, a platform to launch new ideas and thought leaders (launching October 2013); and MOBHours, one-on-one office hours with leading experts in various industries.

MOB is the community accelerator.


2013 Advisory Board

Chana Ginelle Ewing
Founder, Michelle O Brunch
Founder, littlebigGirl + CO

Olivia Scott-Perkins
Founder & Principal Consultant, Omerge Alliances, LLC

Geneva S. Thomas
Writer & Digital Media Strategist

Candice S. Cook, Esq.
Managing Member, TCLG/Ca-Co Global, Inc.